The Process

Meet and get to know each other.  We'll determine what services you need and the scope of work.  We will then prepare and present a proposal for our services and issue our letter of agreement.

Conceptual development.  Gather details including what room budget, wants and dreams.  Share inspirational ideas you’ve collected to determine what’s your design style.  We’ll ask you some questions too

Document existing measurements and inventory of pieces.  Includes pictures and dimensions of what you own and want to keep.

Space planning/layout.  Solving the problem of how to get what you want to work in the space. Sometimes its decluttering or having a different piece of furniture to suit your needs. We’ll let you know why we put what where, why some choices are better than others and other information to educate you.

Conceptual board(s).  You will receive a floor plan and 3d views of the proposed space. This is the eye candy of what your room is going to look like. 

We’ll collaborate, review options and share feedback to get the design you love finalized. 

Once design is finalized, you will receive lists including, product recommendations, specifications & resources for purchasing. This is for items such as paint colors, flooring, lighting, furniture, window treatments and accessories and art selections. Sometimes this includes additional drawings to coordinate and communicate with other trades. 

 Installation design tips & coordination, as required. This includes site visitations and inspections.

Through all of this, we are available to communicate with each other and your builder to make sure the design is executed how it was envisioned.



Our Services

Guidance of ideas

 You’ve been online browsing and it’s too overwhelming to even know where to begin.  Our designs focus on your particular situation, not some idea that might not work for your space.  Some of those trends are confusing too.  Do you really need 2 separate islands in the kitchen?  You’ve done valuable homework. We’ll review those ideas with you and incorporate the appropriate ideas so you’ll love your new space.

Something is just not right, but what?

Perhaps the flow is wrong or there’s not enough storage.  We’ll resolve those issues by providing creative solutions to get use the space effectively, get things organized and eliminate clutter thus making life a little easier. Sometimes its removing one or two things from a room to clear out that visual stress.  Correct flow including where rooms are located makes a huge difference to family members and guests.  A well laid out plan allows for personal, social and public spaces. 

Color correction

Color is the fastest and easiest way to change the feeling of a room.  Selecting a paint color can be intimidating.  Color can evoke certain feelings and emotions.  We understand the environment and the behaviors which will result from color choices.  The wrong one can leave you feeling anxious instead of relaxed.  Let us put you at ease.  We’ll choose one with you to create the environment that you want. 

Accessible and universal design

We always make the client aware and to consider incorporating this into the space when possible.  For example, if you plan to own the home for a very long time and might be retiring in it, let’s incorporate a master suite on the first floor.  Or if you want to capitalize on a beautiful view then maybe an elevator is a good option.

Product recommendations

You’re going to build a new home or renovate an existing space.  It can be an exciting and stressful time and you don’t know where to start.  Maybe your contractor doesn’t offer interior design services.  Let our experience of how building trades work together…interior designer, architect, construction company and other trades, keep the project flowing in a timely manner.  The project schedule is key to minimize the amount of time you are living in a renovation/construction zone or not operating your business from one.  We can help you make all those product selections that are needed to keep your project on track and stay within budget.  Our product recommendations are stylish and offer good quality at affordable prices to create that livable atmosphere you dream of. You want to do it once and do it right to save time and money.

Mechanical, electrical, plumbing

Building systems are a lot to understand.  We learn something new every day in the design world.  We can make recommendations for the locations of these items based on furniture and cabinet layouts or where it would be easier and nicer to have them. 


Congratulations on the new space!  What a task to move.  Let us help you determine what you will take from the old place, where it will go in the new space and what you will need to replace.  We take inventory of the old and identify where it will go in the new in an organized fashion with photos and plans.  We will then choose products to purchase that will coordinate and blend in with your existing pieces.  A new space with some of the charm and characteristics of the old place. 

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